Pastors Peter & Sandra Perreaux

Peter and Sandra Perreaux

Peter and Sandra Perreaux have learnt a great deal about the cost of involvement in the occult. Peter was a self confessed workaholic who in 1983 turned to psychology and new age techniques for peace. This led Peter into deeper involvement searching into occult spiritual things for answers eventually bringing Peter into an encounter with the darkest area of the occult. During this time Peter also lost his export manufacturing business and two marriages and suffered two episodes of burnout one of which resulted in complete emotional breakdown and collapse. Still searching Peter thought he had found the answer when through hypnosis he came under the power of a man who turned out to be a satanic high priest. Desperate and tormented he experienced many weird terrors. In 1989 after an encounter with the dragon = satan, Peter had a gripping vision and experience of the fire, stench, terror and torment of hell. Nearly going insane from the overwhelming terror, this experience sent Peter running to a Christian friend for help. He cried out to GOD for help and was saved. This thrust Peter into a battle with the powers of darkness who intensely fought his efforts to get free. But the graciousness of God brought together all the experiences of Peter's life to teach him the reality and truth of the Bible and the overcoming greatness of God's love and power. He learnt the hard way how (through prayer and the use and application of the Word of God, Biblical truths and principles) to fight and overcome the lies of the devil and the demonic powers of darkness that bound him. During times of intense prayer and waiting on the Lord in the midst of these battles, the Lord showed Peter revelations about the application of His Word. The Lord taught Peter how to loosen strongholds, heal the broken heart and overcome and break the hold of the power of Satan that still held many believers captive in various areas of their lives. Upon coming to Christ in 1989 Peter started attending a church in Napier under the care of Pastor Barry Ward. Within months of his salvation Peter was released under Pastor Barry Wards watchful care to begin to minister deliverance and inner healing. Pastor Barry had been told by the Lord some two months prior to Peter’s arrival that He would be bringing a person (newly saved) into his church that would have the experience and His gifting to set the captives free. Peter was soon being used by the Lord more and more and, through this God given ministry people were being delivered and set free on a regular basis.

Sandra who was also attending Napier New Life Church had also experienced the turmoil brought about by a background of abuse and emotional brokenness, extreme financial difficulties and a broken marriage. The Lord eventually brought Peter and Sandra together and spoke to them both that they were His choice for each other and gave both a witness that they would eventually be husband and wife; they were married on the 12th of June 1993. Now free, Sandra with Peter ministered to many people in their home often praying for people, four or five times a week. During this time the Lord brought Peter face to face with a satanist who it turned out had been assigned against him, this contact revealed that the satanist had been on assignment against Peter for 10 years dating back to Peters first involvement in the occult. The Lord used this encounter and a major onslaught by the devil through this satanist and the coven to which he belonged, to teach Peter powerful applications of His Word for this level of battle, through God’s grace and faithfulness, “we eventually broke through the many attacks and assignments against us, coming into total freedom and victory”. Soon after Peter and Sandra were made cell group leaders, and in 1997 they were brought onto the Church management team. At that time Peter and Sandra were being invited to minister in other churches and began to travel part time itinerantly and saw many people set free as they ministered in churches and seminar’s, and to groups and individuals. They have since seen literally thousands of people set free and delivered and their ministry is often accompanied by manifestations of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. The Lord eventually led Peter and Sandra to move to Wellington the capital city (of New Zealand) to establish the Restoration Life Ministry & Church, latterly HeavensGateChurch.


Church and Ministry History

The Restoration Life School of Deliverance and Inner Healing was started in Wellington with around 100 students early in 1999 in obedience to a very clear and specific prophetic directive, with an inner leading and confirmed word from the Lord. This word was confirmed and tested before Peter and Sandra Perreaux stepped out to close their business, prepared to sell their home and leave Napier for Wellington. God reafirmed the word many times and they were sent out with an endorsing Prophetic Word by Pastor Mike Connell of Bay City Outreach Centre in Hastings, where they were fellowshipping. After running the School for 2 years the Lord released Peter and Sandra into itinerant mininstry using the school's teaching material. Their ministry was used in various churches around the Lower North Island and overseas in Sri Lanka, where 100s were saved, delivered and set free from all kinds of bondage’s including many miraculous physical healings. In Dec 2001 the Lord gave Peter and Sandra another word to plant a church that would become the base and part of the support for their ministry. His calling to plant the church was confirmed through a number of Pastors they related to and by other scripturally convincing means and in Dec 2001 Restoration Life Christian Church was planted in their home.

God sent them to Sri Lanka twice more where they taught many groups of Pastors, Church leadership and prayer ministry workers how to minister deliverance and healing of the mind and emotions effectively, they saw God perform many miracles and hundreds more people were set free. They also went to Mumbai India to minister in the red light district, where they saw over 50 prostitutes come to salvation. They ministered to drug addicts and prostitutes in the rehabilitation centre 2 hours drive out of Mumbai and to the orphans of drug addicts and prostitutes who had died of aids. In each of these groups the Lords compassion and healing delivering power, delivered them of many demonic bondage’s, and healed their broken hearts and lives. The 70 staff were able to be taught how to minister effective deliverance and healing of hearts to these broken souls. This resulted in all of these staff members being themselves set free from many, hurts and bondage’s that still plagued their lives. Most of them were ex pimps, Mafia, gangsters, madams, prostitutes and drug addict’s, who after their salvation and rehabilitation had answered the call of God to stay and work in the ministry. The Lord also sent Peter and Sandra to teach and minister to church leaders and deliverance workers in Singapore where they again saw the Lord perform mighty miracles of healing and deliverance. Peter and Sandra have open invitations to return to teach and minister in each of these countries, as well as the USA and requests from the Philippines. In 2003 the Lord started impressing on them that it was a time to strengthen and consolidate the church and to rework and prepare new teaching notes, updating and adding to them. The school then ran again in 2005 – 2006. and in 2007 the Lord led them to change the name of the church to HeavensGate Church. Since changing the name of the Church in 2007 there has been an ever increasing anointing and presence of God in our meetings, often with the tangible presence of angels during the worship, and powerful healings and deliverances. Spontaneous out breaks of the Holy Spirit's joy, and countless testimonies of healings salvations and marriages restored.