Freed From Depression Caused by Soul Tie with My Late Father. Freed From Bitter Contention. Church Freed From Conflict in the Spiritual Foundation

Pastor George Caleb Oguta, Senior Pastor Bright Day Church’s Network, Rongo Kenya

Freed From Depression Caused by Soul Tie with My Late Father

I had been having constant dreams about my late father who had previously died in my arms, thinking that when I dream about him that shows the love we had together, I did not know this one trauma was bringing me down, by which devil enter in my life and cause sin and cause depression.

Since I have prayed prayers provided by Pastor Peter about the trauma and physical contact with dead bodies and I cut Soul ties with Sword of Holy Spirit between me and my late father according to Pastor Peters’ teachings, I no longer have the dreams or depression and live a free man, full with hope.

Pastor George Caleb Oguta, Senior Pastor Bright Day Church’s Network, Rongo Kenya

Freed From Bitter Contention

I had some internal conflicts and issues with my associate Pastor Joshua for contradicting church programs, I was bitter with him inside but not really knowing it, but since I prayed with Pastor Peter acknowledging my bitterness, forgiving Joshua and cutting soul ties with him, I have found I am a free man, I forgave Pastor Joshua and went to bed that night.

The next day, very early in the morning, Joshua come to my house telling me that he was told by Holy Spirit to come to my house and that we should pray so I prayed for him and Blessed him, we cried together and are now free and we move on well.

Pastor George Caleb Oguta, Senior Pastor Bright Day Church’s Network, Rongo Kenya

Church Freed From Conflict in the Spiritual Foundation

Just few days ago, I had powerful prayers with Pastor Peter about the Soul tie formed by conflict, due to the disagreement which led to the formation Bright Day Church, since our Church was formed due to disagreement between Nazarene Church and the congregation over praying in tongues.

Pastor Peter prayed with me helping me to unearth the root cause of the trouble and helped me cut Soul ties with the Nazarene Church and cut the spirit of conflict and separation that we had with Nazarene Church. Now I feel free and light and we have freedom and peace in the Church atmosphere.

Pastor George Caleb Oguta, Senior Pastor Bright Day Church’s Network, Rongo Kenya

Abdominal Pain and Abnormal Bleeding

Testimony of Plister Oteko Aoko  of Rongo Kenya

On sunday in the morning 10am, Pastor Caleb passed by my house to confirm if I was going to attend Church services because last Sunday I was not around, he found me sleeping on my bed and he asked what is the matter with me, he told me to wake up and hold my abdomen and he prayed for me and commanded demons out.

After his prayers he called someone on the phone and he talked to someone I did not know, he told me he called Pastor Peter from New Zealand then he gave me the phone and Pastor Peter prayed for me and commanded the demons out and commanded healing, a hour later the blood stopped coming out and the pain which I had in my abdomen stopped.

I am happy I am healed praise Jesus.  

Plister Oteko Aooko.

Maleria, Body Pain, and Tiredness

Testimony of Loice Ageke of Rongo Kenya

I am happy to anounce the miracle of healing that happened to my life. Pastor Caleb passed to my house to see how I am doing, I was having severe pain, Maleria and general weakness.

I was prayed for by Pastor caleb, then Caleb passed me the phone because he called Pastor Peter from New Zealand, and Caleb connected me to Pastor Peter he prayed for me three time. Now I am well, I can prepare my meals, and walk, thanks be to God.

Loice Ageke.

Demonic Apperitions and Manifestations in Our Houses.

Pastor David Moses Nyagwara, Senior Pastor Maranatha Outreach and Ministry Kisii Kenya

Demonic apperitions and manifestations in our houses.

Dear Brother Peter,

Thank you for your prayers for us, and giving us your teaching notes and directions on how to pray for our houses, items, and tools.

I found out that it is really important to pray for the things in our houses as well as for the house.

For a long time I struggled a lot especially at night with much strain and hardly getting any sleep, because out of nowhere at night and in some days I and my wife could see strange animals coming out of the wall, sometimes it is a snake, or lion, or dogs, hyenas etc. We could put on the lights but the animals could still appear.

At some point I realised this was more than just bad dreams! as I could see a demonic evil looking dog roaring at me which really scared me and being unaware of spiritual warefare, we only prayed and moved to the kitchen house were we stayed untill I came across the HeavensGate web-site and after going through your past experience I realised it was important to have you pray for us for this situation.

Since you have prayed for us in the name of Jesus Christ and we have used your teachings on praying through houses, things have calmed right down, we are having a peaceful home and no more demonic manifestations and are having peaceful sleeps.

We are so thankful to God for your prayers.

Brother David

Healed of Trauma and Fear Caused By My Conception in Rape and My Mother Being Beaten

Vera Teresa. From Rongo Kenya

My name is Vera, I'm 10 years old. born to a single blind mother. My relatives and people in my community counted me as cursed and unwanted because I was born out of a rape case.

My mother is totally blind and in many cases some men have taken advantage of her. So it has always been so dificult for us both as we also have no stable family. Because of this situation we have always lived in fear and without hope.

Now my mother and I are happy for the prayer by Pastor Peter from New Zealand. We have since regained life, and we are no longer living in fear, we are now joyful and hoping. I feel and I really want to witness to other people that the spirit of fear and hoplesness is now broken in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you Pastor Peter and may God continue to Bless you with long life so that many more will benifit by the ministry that the Lord has given to you.

Your friend and daughter in Jesus.

Vera Teresa. From Rongo Kenya

Stiff Joints Unable to Walk Healed. Severe Back Pain from Accident Healed. Healed From Generational Curse of Inabaility to Stay Married. Demonic Nightmares, spirit of Abandonment Generationla Curses Broken. Freed From Death of Wife Trauma, and Tyrannical Demands of Evil Demon spirit Wife.

Testimonies From Pastor George Caleb's Church Rongo Kenya 12-06-2015

Dear Pastor Peter,

Thank you so much for the prayers you had with us on the phone last sunday, this was God healing people instantly.

Healing from Stiff Joints,Unable to Walk
Praise be to God, I healed with power of our loving Father, this is what He has done to me, I healed from the bed of sickness where I could not get up from the bed, I could not walk, my joints were stiff, but we had prayers with Pator Caleb and Pastor Peter by cell phone, I was prayed for and God healed, I am now healed, I able to stand and walk, praise be to God. Thanks to God, this not Pastor Peter who healed me but God through Pastor Peter.

Loice Ageke

Healing of Severe Back Pain From Motor Cycle Accident
I got an accident on motorbike and had severe crippling back pain could not walk, when I visited Church, Bright Day Church, I found healing, Pastor Caleb was talking on phone with Pastor Peter from New Zealand, I requested to be prayed for, I was prayed for by Pastor Peter on phone and I got miracle of healing, I felt great heat on my body, now I can walk, bend, I was told to hold my back and we pray together, God has healed me.

Bernard Amollo

(Pastor Caleb) "We saw God healed him instantly and he was able to stand up, and walk in the Church without pain".

Freed from Generational Curse of Inability to Stay Maried.
The devil never wanted me to have a wife, I have been married to many women, 21 in number, and even up to the point am talking now, I have no wife, women have all been running away from me none wanted to stay with me married.

We prayed with Pastor Peter and broke cuses from my family background of idol worship and sorcery and cut soul ties with all the wives, I felt a great release and much peace then immediately after Church services, there is my auntie who lives in Dhiwa rung me that there is a saved lady from Maranatha Church, she is ready to marry me, now we are organinsing wedding soon, thank God that He answered me.

Jacob Otieno

Freed From generational Curse, spirit of Abandonment and Demonic Nightmares
I am 7 years old orphan abandon by parents and rescued from sugar cane fields by Pastor George and his wife, they have taken me home and care for me, but I always troubled and scared by night demons after me.

I am now happy in the name of God for driving away the demon of darkness from me, they used to wake me up every night, but since we had prayed with Pastor Peter and broke the curse of illegitimacy and the demons of rejection and generational curses, I have felt peace and safety and have been having deep sleep, I have been not having any bad dream, thanks to God, I am waiting God to answer me on going back to school for me to get school fee.

May God Bless you, Evelyne Otieno

Freed From Trauma of Death of Wife and Tyranny of Demands and Visits From Evil spiritual Wife
It was something bad often in my life, having lost my first wife on road accident, the evil spirit who looked like my first wife used to come to my bed and demand me to sleep with her at night.

The dark spirit would come whenever I wanted to enjoy the fruit of my second marriage with my wife, then the spirit appears, but now since we had prayers with somebody called Peter on phone from New Zealand, he broke the trauma of loss of my first wife closing a spirit door, and I felt a big release and freedom inside like I was back to myself again, now the demon have never come back to me thanks to God, Praise the Lord.

Calvin Ojwando

Freed From Hopelessness and grief, Guilt and Shame of Prostitution and Multiple Abortions
I have been leading bad life, I have done many abortions in my life, I have slept with many men in my life, I was feeling hopeless, but since I turned my life to Jesus I have seen bright future ahead of me, I was prayed for on phone by certain person from outside Kenya, Pastor Peter from New Zealand, and I felt free from hopelessness, guilt and shame, and felt great peace, I know I am free now.

Soon after we have finished my fourth year this year in college I now believe I am going to wed good man who God has given me. Glory be to God.

Roseline Caren Achineg

Anscestral Curses Broken. Ties to the Dead Broken. From Rongo Kenya

Anscestral Curses Broken From Rongo Kenya

Testimony of Plister Aooko

"I am writing to share my love and testimony bout the teachings from Pastor Peter that I got on ansceteral sin, through this teachings and prayers Jesus have changed my life, I am not living in the past any more, now I am living in the present, I am not traumatised anymore, devil can not get loophole on how to bring sin in me since I am no more traumatised in life, this anscetral sins deliverance prayers is so powerful"

Praise the Lord, Plister Aooko

Abisalom Atimbo Elisha

Free From Anscetstral Curses and Ties to Dead Child

"To the brothers in Christ, I am come from Kabuoch, I have been saved for long, but there has been some sins effects in me that I had never thought that I was suffering from. They are sins I never committed, but they are generational sins, I prayed the Prayer from Pastor Peter of removing the curses of generational sin, and I am free.

I had bad dream of the death of my child I dream bout her evertime I am always stressed up on this but since I prayed the prayer from Pastor Peter cutting ties to the dead, I have never had deep thinking of the death of my child, I thnk God, I am free man now, God Bless you.

Healed From Infection after Opperation in Kenya

Testimony of Denis Oloo Otieno of Rongo Kenya Prayed for by Cell Phone 15-06-2015

"Praise be to the living God, Brothers and sisters in Christ.

I can't feel ashamed any more with doing testimony with what God has done for me.

It is written in the Bible he who has the Son in him has testimony and the Son is Jesus Christ.

I was done an opperation on me some months back and I have been having pain in that area that was opperated, there has been a wound round that opperated area that has been leaking puss, and two weeks ago, we prayed with Pastor Peter and Pastor Caleb, the pain stopped and stopped making puss, but today at around 10 am we prayed again with Pastor Peter because there was another different swolling that appeared next to my private part, I was on a mission to go to District hospital for minor opperation, but before I went to the hospital we prayed with Pastor Caleb and Pastor Peter which lead to bursting of swelling, all the puss came out.

I am happy, am healed, I am happy Jesus has healed me, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU"

Denis Oloo Otieno

Street Boy Saved and Delivered from Drugs and Generational Curses. Woman Healed from Joint and Body Pain. Swelling in Breast Healed. TB Healed.

From Pastor George Caleb Oguta's Church Rongo Kenya

Testimony of Cliff Omondi
Praise to the living God
I am happy that I am admitted to the household of God, I am happy that I was prayed for and accepted Jesus in my life. I have been living as street boy for long time, since I was living with my adopted parents because my parents have never been concerned with me.
I have been taking drugs, sniffing Glue and smoking marijuana but I am very happy that on 20th/06/2015 I did receive Jesus in my life having made phone call ministry prayers with Pastor Peter from New Zealand.

I am happy that I was prayed for and confessed my parents sin and broke the curses we cut soul ties from my parents who were practising herbalism, witchcraft and idol worship.
We broke the drugs hold by confessing and cutting soul ties to old street life.
After those prayers, I forgave my parents, and God forgave me for my sins against those whom I stole from them, those whom I abused and even I forgave myself.
I was feeling light and wholeness in me, after prayers.

I am happy that I am not going to be street boy anymore. I am going to be a vessel used in God house for good work.

May God Bless all of you.
Cliff Omondi.


Testimony of Paulina Ombok
Halleluiah Church,
I have been having severe joints pains and whole body ache.

The truth of the matter, my family, forefathers and mother were not good people, they were practicing occult kind of practices, they were idol worshippers, I am happy we had prayers of Confession of my parents sin and cut soul ties with my grand families, we broke the curse I am also happy, I was freed from dark connections with my ancestors and I am happy that I forgave a woman who hurt me and after this prayers, I found newness  in me, I found my seeing myself new in spirit and faith.

After prayers, my joint pains stopped instantly, I walked from the church to my home with lots of ease without using stick, I thank Jesus healing me, I thank God for setting me free.

Paulina Ombok


Testimony of Julita Otieno.
There is one thing that Jesus has done to me yesterday 20/6/2015 that I can’t keep silence from telling people I have been developing abnormal swelling on my left breast and what I know and what I can tell, if you believe then God can heal you.

I am also happy that I received Jesus in my life yesterday, thanks to Jesus.
I am happy that I renounced and cut soul ties with the false religion that I was walking in, and I was forgiven by God and I forgave myself.

I was prayed for twice and in the first prayers, the swolling shrunk then when we prayed for the second time, it shrunk down more, today I have woke up without any swelling on my breasts, I am healed by the blood and stripes of Jesus Christ.

I thank God for using Pastor Peter for me to receive healings.
Julita Otieno.


Testimony of Kenyata Otieno
Bwana Yesu, (praise be to the living God)

In my life, I have never witness instant healing like the one I have experienced in the church yesterday 20/06/2015 I am HIV positive and TB patient I have been coughing often every now and then, but yesterday after prayers to now, I have not cough. My  neighbours used to complained that I make noise when I cough, but yesterday and up to now I have not coughed my breathing is clear and no pain, I am healed from TB thank be to Jesus .

In the name of Jesus Christ, I am new person who see Gods light and I am making promise to serve him every day in my life.

Kenyata Otieno

Ladies Set free from Lust and lifestyles of Protitution and lies and Drug Use.

From Pastor David & Gillian Moses's Ladies Meeting Kisii Kenya


I am happy for the good and guiding meeting we have had, for a long time I worked as a commercial sex worker in the streets of Kakamega town, I used Iies to my parent on the nature of my work while I was away from home. After I prayed the sexual sin prayer from HeavensGate Church I now feel free, loved and guided in my new life with Christ. I look forward for future meeting like this and as long as leave I will continue to testify that Jesus is the Lord and my savior.
Stella Onduso Kakamega Town.

I am thankful for the healing prayer that has now set me free from all past sexual and lustful imagination, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit I am now feel free from every past sexual sin, bad spirit, bad emotional, lies and many deceptions used to gain financial favors. I now know my body is the living temple of the Holy Spirit that we have received from God 1cor 6:19.

Thank you again HeavensGate for soul ties prayers.
Mary Lorito Narok Town


Insecurity, Defeat, Depression, Brokenness and Bad Nightmares, - Healed

For a long time I had been living a life of insecurity, defeat, depression, brokenness, and total unconsciousness to the world around me. I was so trapped within myself that my life began to take spiritual downward fall. I suffered from bad dreadful dreams almost every night, for a long time I experienced bad nightmares and as a result I did not get good sleep. I experienced dreams like strange animals chasing me, together with my husband we prayed to keep off the bad dreams, but still the bad dreams appeared during my sleep.

One day morning I reached out to Pastor Peter of HeavensGate Church New Zealand for prayer for the bad dreams I experienced each night, Pastor Peter prayed with me on Skype and lead me to pray and to forgive people I did not like or had a grudge with and immediately after Pastor Peter led me to forgive them, and cut soul-ties with them I felt abnormal coldness and eventually I felt warm it was relieving experience that I cannot explain in words, since then I no longer experience the bad dream I now have peaceful night and I am thankful to Pastor Peter and God for the answered prayer.

My prayer today and everyday now is that God would continue to take me to a greater dimension in His Word and I know that if I can keep my head up and keep my mind elevated on the spiritual that I can obtain ANYTHING I want and I can ACHIEVE anything I want in Christ because I have the POWER OVER THE DEVIL and everything in my past has been erased by the Blood of Jesus! TO GOD BE ALL GLORY!!!


Healed of Severe Head Injuries, Concussion and Trauma From a Motor Cycle Accident.

Testimony of Colins  Otieno Of Rongo Kenya

I was on motorbike travelling home from school where I teach. I left  school  by  until 6pm  because I  had  to go  back  home.

I travel on Motor bike taxi and the rider was riding on high speed, suddenly, there was a drunk man whose appeared from nowhere and being that we were on high speed, we all felt down but that drunk man was hit and he died immediately.

On my side I found myself in the, Rosewood hospital. I spent two days there, on the second day, my friend, Pastor Caleb visited me with his little young boy.

I did not expect that I was going to speak to someone on Pastor Caleb’s phone.

What I can remember, I was given phone by Pastor Caleb and prayed for on the phone by Pastor Peter from New Zealand, having introduce our self to each other.

The next day after the prayer, when I woke up, the wound started drying up and up to now, all are dried up leaving only scars.

I am happy that God healed me, thank you so very much.


Financial miracle

Vincent Magwati from Kisii –Kenya East Africa

After many months (1year) of waiting, my 1 year accumulated pay from my former employer I continued without me being paid, I had to pray that God will help me get paid, the pastor of my former church prayed over the pay and placed it on the alter several times. Also during a service of New Year 2015 my former pastor told us to bring our prayer needs to the church to be prayed over and I was obedient.

In May I realized that I had not tithed my previous money I totalled and took the whole tithe to my former church. I have since Changed Churches, and am now part of a ministry team helping Orphans.

One day recently I had a Skype conversation with Pastor Peter of HeavensGate Church New Zealand, he prayed with me about my life and asked me to forgive all those I hated because of the delayed payment. I was convicted by God so forgave my former employer, he Ps Peter led me to cut soul-ties with the ex-employer and we prayed for God to Bless him. Ps peter then prayed for a breakthrough for the payment, in about five minutes even before we finished praying about other things, I received a phone call from my previous employer advising me to go and pick my full pay the following day, this a real relief I now have the full 1 years payment received in 1 day, and I know that this was a miracle from God.

I was then Blessed to be able to pay a very large tithe to my new Church / Orphans ministry.

I thank God for this miracle and Pastor Peter for his prayer and for teaching me principal of forgiveness.

Vincent Magwati
Kisii –Kenya East Africa

16 year old boy who has not spoken from birth delivered of a mute spirit

Testimony of Boy Dumb for 16 years now speaking due to God’s Healing Power Released through HeavensGate Church Teaching Booklets during 2016 New Year meetings in Omokinibanto fellowship, Kenya

Glory to God Dad,

Below is the testimony of the boy, without anything false.

His name is Duncan Isoe, is now 16 years old, never speaking since he was born.

The boy came at our service with his sister and his grandmother, after I finished preaching his grandmother stood up and said pastor I have a child here he has never speak since he was born, and the parents died and they left two children, so I am the one who taking Care of them, and as you see my hand is disabled,, after her speech, I asked her what to you want to help you, she said pray for me that God to heal my grandchild then I asked her do you believe she said yes I believe, Immediately I carry your booklet which called UNDERSTANDING HEAVENS GATE CHURCH, I find myself opened page 4 I started to teaching her, she believed all and I prayed for the child after prayers the child started to shout hee! ee hee!ee

Really all members of our church including visitors they were with joyfully, from that time we proceed with our program up to 6:50 pm.

People has really very happy and they want me to organise the Crusade.

Since I prayed for the boy he is now okey and speaking clearly, now the boy am staying with me.

From the day I prayed for the boy my wife was offered herself to assisting that boy for counting numbers, reading and also writing.

So Dad I would like the boy and his sister to join the school for their education.

Through the boy that's why many people came to our service on 1-1-2016 like those who healed on that day and many others.

Dad here is many people who wants to write their testimonies, but I don't have any means of writing all.

Truly saying your booklets have been helped me to know more and more.

May God bless you,
Your Son Ps Gabriel.

Deliverance from Curses, Depression and Addictions

I one day as I browsed through the internet and saw the many wonderful testimonies on HeavensGate website and knew God was at work and He was using His servant Pastor Peter Perreaux. I contacted him and Pastor Sandra about 3 months ago in January this year and they have been ministering to me showing me Jesus Love and Power on various occasions by cell phone. 

Since Pastor Peter Prayed for me I have so many testimonies that I don't know where to begin.

I have had many setbacks in life that led me to depression and hopelessness.

Growing up I had very long hair and for a woman that means a lot. One evening approximately 10 years ago while taking a nap I dreamt of a scissor chopping it off and sure enough since that day a lot of my hair fell off and never grew back.

I would either braid what was left of my hair or weave it because it was so thin and embarrassing to me.

Following the recent prayers with Pastor Peter to break curses in my life an amazing thing happened, 4 weeks ago I undid my hair and to my supprise it was so full on my head. I almost shed tears because it has been more than a decade since I saw it looking like that only this time it is better. I have had people stop me in corridors telling me what beautiful natural hair, and I have had others have scribbled notes asking me what weave I have on so they too could buy. I am amazed at God's goodness. The scripture in 1 Cor 11:15 and Judges 16:22 spoke volumes to me and I felt God was telling me He is simply restoring to me but this time it is double honour for the shame I have suffered (Isaiah 61:7).

Another testimony is that a few weeks back I was under a heavy spirit of depression for much of my life this spirit would come on me and oppress me. I emailed Pastor Peter who called me a few hours later and ministered to me casting that Spirit out. Within an hour I felt light again and I was amazed at God's power. I have not suffered from that heaviness again.

I also had an "addiction" or habit of following a certain man's twitter handle. It was such a nasty obsession because it interfered with my joy and even peace. If he did not tweet I would be so low. I knew something was wrong because this man was not bringing any good into my life and I wanted to be free. I opened up to Pastor Peter about this. We prayed together and I repented of the addiction and idolatry and we cut the soul ties to the man, then God helped me by filling the emptiness with His Love. One week went by and initially there seemed to be no change but then I noticed the change and since then there has not been a single day that I have typed his name on the internet because the desire and drive have completely vanished. Only God almighty can set free like that. Praise be His name.

I could go on and on but these are just a few of the testimonies I have. Pastor Peter and Sandra are faithful servants serving the Living God. God is using them mightily and I'm so blessed to have them as my Pastors. I will forever be Thankful to God. Thank you also Pastor Peter and Sandra for obeying the call to serve. May God bless you both and your family and increase you ever so mightily!

L.O.O from Nairobi, Kenya


Saved from a Life of Drugs, Alcohol, Robbery and Cybercrime

Testimony of Brian Ochieng Oginga from Kenya East Africa

I Brian Ochieng Oginga freely confess I am now a man who has dedicated his life to serve and follow the way of the living GOD. I came to salvation after going through very many challenges in my life. After being cornered by God I finally came to Jesus to confess all my sins, and seek salvation and follow the light.

l was born and raised in Homabay County, I used to be a God fearing boy during the entire primary education until l finished my primary education. Trouble started brewing and things changing in my life when I joined High school. During my first year I was persuaded to join a group of Boys and I didn’t realise at the time that it was a secret cult group.

During this time, we would sneak out of school at night and join other members. It was in this time that l started using hard drugs and alcohol. It was now a routine that every Friday we would sneak out of school and join other members in the group.

Eventually we were expelled out of school at form two because of our misconduct. We were forced to move into the streets of Nairobi where we could rob and harass people in the market during the night.

Drugs and alcohol were our way of life. Life was so hard living in the streets without parental support and care. I started thinking of my ruined life but l had no option I just had to stay there until one-day l witnessed my fellow colleagues being shot to death by policemen in the streets. I escaped narrowly and decided to travel back home to my village. Here l met with the leader of a crime group who recruited me into cyber-crime.

Here we would lie to people on line and make some money. I used the money they paid me to finish my High school. We worked very close with the leader where we could lie through emails.

It was through this scamming practice online that I came to this web site and contacted Pastor Peter Perreaux from New Zealand. I thought we would scam him and make some money with our lies, but little did I know that this was going to be my way to Salvation.

Pastor Peter confronted me with my lies and sin and terrified with the Fear of God by the conviction of the Holy Spirit I was directed and led to repent of and confess all my sins and ask God for forgiveness.

Pastor Peter sent his Pastor friend Caleb Oguta from Rongo Kenya to pray for me while Pastor Peter also led me in Salvation and Deliverance Prayer through a cell phone call and since then I have left all my ways and started walking in the light and serving God. I have been helping the sick in the community and moving into missions. Now at age 18 l have already started witnessing the fruits of following the ways of Jesus Christ as compared to the dark world l used to walk in before salvation.  Praise you Jesus, Thankyou Jesus for confronting me forgiving my sins, saving and restoring me.


Healed of Stomach Pain

Theresa Mosongo, Ogembo Kenya.  06-16

Theresa is a young orphaned girl, and she stays at the ministry run orphanage house here in Ogembo Kenya.

She was lying in her bed Monday night, when she felt a very strong pain from the stomach that proceeded to painful headache, the pain was very strongly on her, she cried the whole night. The pain persisted and the following morning we decided to take her to a nearby district hospital, before we set off I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Let Pastor Peter pray for the girl. I can heal, I love that girl. Believe this. Believe me. I can take away sickness”. Immediately I called Pastor Peter in New Zealand, Pastor Peter agreed to pray for the girl, as Peter prayed Theresa told me that she felt a feeling of love that she had never experienced before. It made her arms and legs weak. She felt as if she melted, it continued the whole time Peter was praying for her, as this happened, she felt the pain in the stomach get deep and the pain immediately went out through a hole and left. She has not had that pain since and she back to school, praise God!!. After the prayer we took the girl to the hospital and the doctor examined her, the doctor did not see anything wrong, only prescribed pain killers that we did not buy.

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you Pastor Peter for praying for Theresa. We do not know what disease it was, but we know God can fix anything. We are very thankful for what Jesus did for this orphaned girl.

With Love in Jesus

Pastor David

Testimony of Salvation and Healing of Hannah Mosiara

From Pastor Gabriel Onsongo, Ogembo Kenya 06-16

I am Mosiara I was born on 27 Dec 1994 to a poor family in Kenya.

In Feb 2016 I started feeling unwell and for my sickness I started to look for a way I can be treated, I went to hospital for treatment for 1 week but there was no change, I went to my home and continued feeling unwell.

One day a friend came to my home and told me there is a woman whom she usually praying for people and she used herbs. I went to that woman and she prayed for me and she gave me some herbs to use, but no change, I still felt unwell.

Her daughter directed me to Ogembo S.D.A spiritual Church so in April 2016 I went there and the church pastor started praying for me using salts for two weeks but there was no change.

When I was on a journey to Ogembo I heard about one Pastor who teaches the word of God and that he would pray for me and for healing of my sickness without using anything else. I feel in my heart I should go there immediately, I asked the person who told me, where can I go to get the pastor? and he told me where his Church is located, he gave you his phone number, his name is Pastor Gabriel Onsongo. Immediately I decided to call him, he came and started teaching me the word of God.

After teaching he told me to repent of my sins and God will forgive me my sins and heal me of all my sickness I have in my body, - when he was teaching me he was using a Booklet which had written on the cover Salvation, Confession and Initial Deliverance Prayer, the Booklet was from HeavensGate Church New Zealand. He directed me for prayers using this Booklet, after he finished he puts his hands on my head and prayed for me.

After he prayed for me he told me that you are now healed in the name of Jesus Christ, I asked him if to assist me with the Booklet so I can read it, he gave me the Booklet and told me to come to Church on Sunday with that Booklet, when I reached Church on Sunday 5/6/2016 I met him and he continued with teachings, then he gave me a chance to greet the Church and I gave brief testimony and then I put down my knees and they prayed for me with Pastor Mosses Momany, I went home full of joy.

The next day I feel in my heart to ask Ps Gabriel to baptise me, so he told me to come to his house and he met me with his wife and children and Pastor Moses and a Church member, they all prayed and Pastor Gabriel started teaching about water Baptism then we went to the big river where I was Baptised in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, when I was coming out of the water I feel I am now totally healed, I FEEL I AM NOW TOTALLY HEALED, surely I thank God who used Pastor Gabriel for my healing.

Thank you God for healing me, I thank God who open the way for my college studies, I thank God for Ps Gabriel, and Ps Moses, may God protect you always.

From Hannah Mosiara


Testimony of Trevor, From Kisii Kenya


My name is Trevor; I would like to tell you how God has given me a new life.

When I was a small kid I believed in God, I tried to love God by going to a Catholic Church on Sundays. At age twelve I turned away from this belief, and paid more attention to my friends. We met daily in front of the church building to just hang out together. One day we wanted to attend a mass, because one of my friends had never been to one, but the priest came to tell us that if we just wanted to make trouble we should leave. At this point I knew I wanted to break with Christianity.

From that time my life consisted more and more of meeting with friends. At one overnight party, at a friend´s house, after drinking a local beer, I became drunk for the first time, days later I started smoking marijuana (Bhang). Daily I met with my friends to smoke Marijuana. We moved away to a world which our parents had no knowledge of.  I decided to live for the moment and to always do what I wanted to do in that particular moment. But the more I immersed myself into that world, the more depressed I became.

My relationship with my parents was not very good anymore because I excluded them from my life and lied to them in many respects; regarding my drug habits in particular, revealing only what I could not hide. When they found out that I was smoking Marijuana, it was like a big slap in the face for them and they took great pains to talk to me. Due to my parents’ advice I wanted to quit smoking marijuana, but this decision didn´t last for long as life without Marijuana seemed boring.

I continued living a lie and told my parents I wouldn´t take anything anymore. As I still managed school quite well my parents believed me initially, but soon found out again. Again I tried to quit, started again and lied to them again and again.  My Parents approached Pastor David who scheduled time to talk to me about the new life in Christ Jesus, after some sessions I started to think of my life and the pain I caused my parents, David told me about Jesus and that God can change my life.

He explained to me that what I was doing did not please God, and that God would forgive me, if I converted to him. And that everything I had ever done would be as if it had never happened. He read from ISAIAH 1:18:“Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red as crimson, they shall be as wool.”

I knew I had committed many sins and that my life was full of lies. After another meeting with pastor Ps David I thought more and more about the consequences of drug addiction, the following day Ps David introduced me to Pastor Peter Perreaux from HeavensGate Church New Zealand who prayed for me through Skype, as he was praying I felt like the burden was taken away and I felt lighter, after Pastor Peter prayed for me I started to  walk home, suddenly I started to cry and knew that God was there and that in the past I had done so many things which were completely against him, arriving home I told my parents what happened, I asked forgiveness from God and my parent.

I know that this was from God and that he was bringing up my most sore points to show he had not lost interest in me. The following evening after the Church camp meeting we visited a married couple, who are friends of Ps David, and they told me the story of how they came to God. In their story they always used the term “relationship with God”, and I was wondering how it could be possible to have a relationship with him. That was a thing I wasn´t taught in my former years in church. Only a short time later I went with them to a bible study meeting and I noticed that these people had something which I definitively didn´t have, but what I wanted to have. I am certain God has completely taken away my physical addiction. Not only that: my mental subjection to the drug is gone as well. I notice that everything is different now. I know God is with me. 2 CORINTHIANS 5:17: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”, this scripture is now my strength.

It is a week now since I made my decision for the Lord and I can say that He has already blessed my life. One of the first things I did after my conversion was to have a real conversation with my parents and for the first time in years I answered their questions without lying. Although they are quite doubtful, God healed the old wounds and they are very happy now to see that my life has changed. I have the joy of the Lord with me all the time, I thank the Lord for breaking the addiction, and for the joy that I have through Him.

Love in Jesus Christ,




Healed of Fear and Tremors caused by Trauma Due to Death of Parents

My name is Osteen, of Kisii Kenya.

I am 9 and 1/2 years’ old, I am living in the Lifeway Gospel Church Orphanage in Kisii Kenya.

I’m happy to write and give thanks for the love and more importantly your prayers for us.

About one year ago, my father and Mother died of a disease, which was a terrible thing to watch.

My uncle told me I have a high chance of getting it than someone else. One morning I woke up and my whole body began to have a tremor and fear that did not quit. All I could think about was that this was the beginning of the end! This continued for weeks nonstop, and I was really concerned. Pastor David told me that God heals; Pastor David arranged for Pastor Peter of HeavensGate Church New Zealand to pray by Skype for me and two other orphans who also experienced tremor and fear.

As he prayed one thing that really stuck in my mind was to focus on Jesus! After the prayer was done, I felt like the heavy burden was taken from me, I experienced real hope for healing. The tremors and fear are gone. It has been about six days since this experience, and I have not had any more tremors and fear. God is good, and I thank Pastor David for having Pastor Peter pray for me God bless you all for the good work you do.