Here below is a prayer for Salvation then of repentance and confession of sin for freedom.

Salvation prayer

Dear God in Heaven I come to you as a sinner in the precious name of your Son Jesus and ask that You please forgive me for my sins because of what Jesus did on the cross for me. Dear God I am sorry for living totally for myself and ignoring You, even using your name as a curse, in Jesus Name please forgive me. Dear Lord Jesus thank you for dying on the cross and paying the penalty for my sins, I thank You that You went into death and hell in my place and rose from death on the third day, taking the keys of death and hell. Lord Jesus please show me the sins that I have committed and lead me to confess them to You, I thank You that You don’t condemn me, because you were condemned and rejected in my place. Lord Jesus please wash me in Your Blood and make me clean giving me a clear conscience. Dear Jesus I give You my life, - now please come into my heart by Your Spirit and be my Lord and Saviour. Please lead me to the Father, teach me Your Word and Your Ways and teach me to pray, please help me follow You giving You first place always.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your love and mercy and for saving me I now commit myself to serve you the rest of my life.

I agree that I will confess to Jesus and will renounce every sin that you convict me of, and I will turn away from them with your help and live for you.

General Sin Confession

Note as you work through the list (GIVEN BELOW) confessing your sins, feel free to leave out anything that you are convinced that you did not do, but if you are unsure then you are wise to include them. Also take the time to wait upon the Lord and confess anything else in addition to this list that He may show you.

Also take full personal responsibility for your sin, not blaming others or making any excuses, --- but say “it was me Lord, I did it”!

It is only by fully purging your heart that you will be completely free, therefore I recommend that you be as honest and detailed as possible in the confession of the sins you are aware you have committed.

Pray saying, “Holy Spirit please convict me of the sins I have committed,”

“Heavenly Father, the only true God and the true creator of heaven and earth I come to You in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ.

I thank You Jesus that You were made a curse for me by hanging on a tree and redeemed me from the curse so that the blessings given to Abraham might come upon me.

I confess that I have sinned against You through my involvement with and participation in the sins I am about to confess.

I thank You that as I confess, renounce and repent of these sins, that every consequential curse can be broken and removed from my life and I am blessed in its place.

Lord Jesus I now confess and repent of the following sins.”

List of sins needing confession and repentance “Lying, Dishonesty, Stealing, Fraud, Manipulation, Controlling, , Jealousy, Envy, Disrespect, Dishonour, Dishonouring parents, Intimidation, Unfaithfulness, Disobedience, Disobeying parents, Blaming, Not taking responsibility, irresponsibility, Speeding, Swearing, Blasphemy, Unclean talk, Cursing, Tattoos, Abusing alcohol, Lawbreaking, Hating God, Blasphemy and using Jesus name as a swear word, Leading other people into sin, Spreading lies about other people, Slander, Gossip, Exaggeration, Belligerence, Challenging authority, Meddling, Stand over tactics, Threats, Torture, Taking advantage of others, Pride, Arrogance, Superiority, Twisting words, Nagging, Resisting God, Robbing God, Superstition, Gambling, Smoking, Murder, Violence, Extortion, Ungodly/unlawful allegiances gangs involvement etc, Covering up guilt, Ungratefulness, Meanness, Un-forgiveness, Revenge, Moodiness, Guilt trips, Payback, Offended-ness, Angry outbursts, Hatred, Bitterness, Resentment, Spite, Rejecting, Cold shoulder, Silent treatment, Grudges, Occult sins, Seeking the dead, Witchcraft, Covens, Lust, Sex before marriage, Adultery, Sexual perversion, Pornography, Prostitution, Drugs, Unclean fantasies, Venerating the dead, Touching the dead without cleansing from defilement, involvement in Freemasonry and other cults”

“I now renounce, Satan and his works, his demons and power, that are now affecting me and my family, that I had opened my life to through the sins I have confessed.

Lord I now repent and turn away from these sins and sinful ways and I turn to you. I thank You for forgiving me and releasing me from these sins.

I ask for Your forgiveness and cleansing from all these sins by Jesus Blood.

Jesus please wash my conscience with Your blood washing away all guilt.

Every demon spirit that came into my life through these sins, I now command you to come out of me and leave me in Jesus Name and never come back!

Lord Jesus please heal me and my family, from all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consequences of these sins and curses and bring us into the promises in Your Word.”

If you have prayed this prayer then tell someone you have given your life to Jesus Christ as soon as you can.

Pastor Peter Perreaux