God Delivered and Healed an Abandoned Baby.

Pastor David / Lifeway Gospel Church Kisii Kenya, Mission Orphanage.



Little Baby girl “Blessings gift” set free.

Baby “Blessings Gift” was abandoned by her teenage mother in a hospital bed immediately after she gave birth, the baby was placed under our care by the hospital from day two.

The baby came in looking weak, sad, and always cried, she could not feed on infant formula that we provided, it was hard for us to see the baby weak, crying, and not feeding.

I contacted and request Pastor Peter of HGC New Zealand to pray by Skype for the baby to be set free, Pastor Peter contacted me by Skype and prayed in the Name of Jesus for the baby Blessings that she be delivered from curses and be set free and healed from the rejection and abuse, and for Jesus to give her His Peace and His Spirit, immediately after the prayer the baby yawned twice when demons came out of her, then she smiled, and after 20 minutes the baby started to feed on the formula.

We are so thankful to Jesus for His grace and mercy and the miracle of setting baby Blessings free.

She is now happy, peaceful, free, feeding and growing, we give glory to God.

God is great, God is good, thank you Jesus for saving the baby "Blessings".

Ps David

God delivered and healed a little baby instantly.


Pastor David / Lifeway Gospel Church Kisii Kenya, Mission.

God delivered and healed a little baby instantly. 

Baby Merissa was brought to the orphanage by an Assistant Chief, who informed the orphanage that the baby was found abandoned and badly abused.

She was brought to the orphanage looking starved fearful and troubled, she also had wounds from fire burns and, beatings.

We cleaned her fed her and shortly after we realized the baby didn’t want an adult person near her, she terribly cried every time an adult person moved close to her, she was in extreme fear,  she didn’t want any adult person near her, she continued crying for a long time, and it moved me to ask Pastor Peter to pray for her during our next Skype call.

When we were ready for the prayers, I asked the children to bring her for prayers, she resisted, but she was brought for prayers, as Pastor Peter prayed casting out the demons of Abuse, Shock, Trauma and Abandonment, Fear and Death and many others and asking Jesus to touch her and heal her broken heart she started to smile, after the prayer she laughed and immediately accepted us, she is no longer in fear of any adult person, but very friendly to everyone, happy, joyful, and very active.

Glory to God, indeed God delivered this baby from the spirit of fear, rejection, abandonment, and death. She is quickly healing well from the wounds.

Thank you, Jesus for healing her and thank you Pastor Peter, for praying for this little one. God Bless you.

Pastor David

Viona's story - Delivered from a Suicide demon

Viona’s Testimony.

Delivered from a Suicide demon and emotional pain and unforgiveness

May God bless you and keep you Pastor Peter!

I just want to tell you how thankful I am to you for taking the time to pray for me on Skype.  Through the prayers, the Lord set me free from the suicide demon and it is completely gone. The Lord also set me free from many other spirits and exposed others.

After we ended our Skype prayer sessions, the Lord continued to heal me and I am beginning to sleep in peace again unlike before. He has also been healing some things in my heart regarding my parents and it started with you telling me to forgive them for the wrong things they did to me. God has delivered me from so much and especially unforgiveness.

Thank you for being there in my darkest hour.  The Lord helped me and Has taught me so much through you and your deliverance book that Pastor David shared with me.

Today I talked to my mother by phone she is now very kind to me, Pastor David has arranged with her that we go see her on Monday this coming week, I am very grateful.  Thank You. 

I pray God blesses you and your ministry.

Love in Christ,

Healed of Head Trauma and Painfull Gash

Young Forside Testimony of healing of Head Trauma.

Forside, a, young boy in our orphanage injured his head badly when he was playing with other children, the injury was very deep and even after taking him to hospital for treatment he had persistent pain. He experienced a continues daily pain for over a week, he even couldn’t bend much in any direction.

As I was speaking to Pastor Peter on skype I felt a strong push from my inside to share to Ps Peter about Forside's head injury, as I shared, Pastor Peter prayed for Forsite, and Pastor Peter quickly pointed that the Satanic symbol on Forside’s pants attracted a demon spirit that caused Forside to fall down, and that we should repent and destroy the image as soon as possible.

At the moment Ps Peter prayed Forsite was in hospital with one of orphanage caregivers Mama Grace, at the hospital, as Pastor Peter prayed Forsite felt an extraordinary cold wind blowing through his body and when the wind stopped blowing the pain in his head was gone and the wound started to dry, the doctor checked and he was amazed and agreed to discharge Forside seeing that he had been healed miraculously.

When they come back they shared of the experience of what happened at the hospital, and we knew all this was as a result of faithful prayers, I told Foside that Pastor Peter prayed for him and they checked the time we played and confirmed it was exactly the time he felt the wind blowing through his body.

I shared to him about the Satanic symbol on his jeans, he quickly found it from other clothes, we removed the symbol and destroyed the symbol by burning, as it was being destroyed Forside felt total freedom and being let go from chains and curses. He again and again tested his head, he found he could move from side to side and could reach down to touch his feet totally pain free!

He is now rejoicing and being very thankful to God for taking the pain and burdens away “If God can do it for me, He can do it for you.” Forside told the congregation this last Sunday when he shared of the miraculous healing. This morning during our prayer time Forside said that he feels loved and is very excited about his future!

The picture is of Forsides head after the miraculous healing.

We give Glory to almight God, Thank you Jesus.

Blessings to you Ps Peter from Ps David

Testimonies from HeavensGate Church Deliverance Booklets Readers

From Evangelist Samson Siundi (Kericho Plantations, Kenya)

Dear Pastor David,

Please convey to Pastor Peter.

Calvary greetings to you in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The HeavensGate Church Deliverance Prayer Booklets which you have been sending to the Pastors here in Kericho have generated a new strength in the leaders, and the Churches as well.

The HGC Booklets are helping bring change to thousands of lives, and have been an instrument of transformation to the lives of many.

We thank God for these HGC prayer guiding Booklets and their encouraging messages. We shall never cease to pray for Pastor Peter, you, your families and churches at large.

Sincerely yours in Him, Evangelist Samson Siundi (Kericho plantations, Kenya).

(Received 18th August 2019).

The person holding the Booklets is Zachariah Tendega from the booklet printing team at Ps Davids Ministry Kenya.



HeavensGate Church Deliverance Booklets Testimony

My names are Roseanne Momanyi, --- From Ogembo Kenya.

Ps Peter, I would like to share a testimony with you about how God healed me using the HGC Deliverance Prayer Booklets.

A few years ago my stomach started to ache frequently, I went to the doctor many times, but the doctor was unable to find out the cause of my pain, I prayed severally but nothing happened, I asked God to show me the reason for the pain, every time I prayed the pain became more persistent and  blood started coming from within my body.

I knew I was under attack, then I began to pray using the HeavensGate Church book of DELIVERANCE PRAYER, I opened page 12 and prayed the GENERATION CURSES AND FREEDOM PRAYER after praying the pain became less and I laid the book on my stomach before sleeping, asking God to heal whatever was wrong inside me to produce the pain and bleeding and I went to sleep.

That night the pain and bleeding stopped and has done so for the past month now. I just had a medical checkup this past Friday and all my samples were taken from my body and they came back negative Praise the Lord. I have a clean bill of health better than ever before.

Please continue to pray for me, I believe God for my family as this past couple months my mother has passed away and a month later my brother in law also has passed away.

I pray for each of you that God would bless you and encourage you through this testimony.


Roseanne Momanyi

Ogembo Kenya



My Name is Brian Oginga of Ndhiwa Kenya

Below is also my testimony following God's healing from my stomach pain.

I had been greatly disturbed by stomach pain which had developed causing me great discomfort and pain inside my stomach that I could not eat or even go for a call of Nature because of the pain l felt while swallowing any food substance down my tummy.

I took three days without taking any food resulting to general body weakness and loss of weight.

I had faith in God that one day the almighty shall free me from the bondage.

I thank God that l was set free from the stomach Pain after Pastor Peter Perreaux of New Zealand called me at around 10:30am Kenyan time on my cell phone and prayed to me commanding the disease out of my body.

I thank God that l was finally healed from the stomach ache and discomfort.

Thank the living God and Glory be to His name forever and ever.

God bless you richly,



Greetings to all, my names are Alexander Onam from Nairobi Kenya

I am here to give my testimony of healing from Tuberculosis, and trauma from my fathers death when I was a child.


Late 2013, I was on a trip to Bondo Kenya my home, after a distress call that my dear mother was very sick.
I rushed to Machakos country bus stop and boarded Eldoret express bus that was to leave immediately, no sooner had the bus started to leave than a woman and a man entered the bus.

The woman, came to where I was seated and motioned the man to seat next to me while she moved a few rows ahead. The bus left and after a few km, the man I was seated next to started coughing. He coughed almost the entire 12 hr journey!!!

I opened the window periodically and even covered my nose and mouth since I didn't want to catch a flu or cough from the man.

I reached home and took care of my mum and returned back to Nairobi.

Since 2014 December, I was sick on and off with malaria and typhoid, I wondered what was wrong coz I was never sick before.

Come early 2015, I had a sore throat and I completely lost my voice. I took some antibiotics the sore throat vanished but I lost my voice and after a month my left ear started to ooze pus.

I coughed a lot and even though I was on drugs there was little change and eventually my ear drum burst.

I went to a ENT specialist and was operated on November 2015 but after a few month’s puss started to ooze from my ear again.

On May this year I was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis!!!

I was devastated and shocked. I could only remember the day I travelled to Bondo and the coughing man I sat beside.

I didn't even think or imagine anything like tuberculosis at that time. But it all made sense now.
I was afraid, I was devastated, I had lost all hope in the future as I read about tuberculosis I could see only death.
I am a Christian, though I knew the doctors and the medicine will play their role but I believed that only GOD can heal!!!!!

I searched online about healing Pastors, and I came to HeavensGate Church in New Zealand.
I contacted the church via email and then by phone and on the 18th of September 2016 Pastor Peter replied by phone. I told him my story and he told me to forgive anyone whom I had bitterness with, after that we prayed together and I started to cry as he broke the soul-tie to the man on the buss then commanded the spirit of tuberculosis to come out of my body, and then broke generational curses in my family line. He also commanded that any body organ that was affected by tuberculosis to be healed and restored.

After the prayers I felt so much relief and I felt like a heavy burden was released from me.

Afterwards I went and played soccer, and that day I knew I was healed coz I played football and my lungs were very much more effective than before the prayers.

Now at night as I slept my breathing was very normal with no rattles and wheezes like before.
My body organs were rejuvenated as well and my energy was quite high.

Pastor Peter also prayed for healing of a trauma I suffered at the report of my father’s death when I was a young boy, and I was relieved of powerful fear and grief that still gripped me as an adult. Now I am free from constantly crying and feeling sad and depressed for no reason.

That was 11 days ago now, and I am still feeling fine and energetic and now I just want to give thanksgiving to the almighty Lord for my healing... for it is by his grace that I am alive n well and I can do anything.

I am so, so, grateful to GOD that through Pastor Peter from New Zealand, I received the healing and restoration that I needed.

Praise be to GOD AMEN.

Alexander Onam


My names are Vincent Kibabati

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to thank the Almighty God who used you as his instrument to pray for me. As you can remember I have been suffering from acute ulcer. When i told Pastor David of my problem he prayed for me and asked me to come and you pray for me using skype connection.

When you prayed, and asked me to put my hand on the stomach where the pain was coming from, I felt like vomiting and in a few hours later the pain was not there and I was healed. Pastor David led me to pray generational curses freedom prayer.

May the Lord be with you and your ministry for praying for me and bringing the lost to God.

Yours in Christ

Vincent Kibabati