My Name is Dawn I am from Florida USA I had been suffering from multiple sclerosis and my son suffered from autism epilepsy and language delay and God has turned my situation around.

My Name is Dawn, and I reside in the state of Florida in the USA. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006 which had been devastating.

I recently (2019) heard about HeavensGate Church New Zealand and the ministry of Pastor Peter and Sandra Perreaux, so I contacted them about my many struggles, Ps Peter discerned that many of my problems were rooted in unforgiveness, so he counselled me to make sure had forgiven everyone who I was holding unforgiveness towards (and they were many).

Ps Peter sent me some teaching on unforgiveness and soulties and powerful prayers that I could pray, then I prayed the prayers of forgiveness forgiving everyone with God’s help and breaking ungodly soulties between them and myself, then my body received healing.

When I was done praying, I heard a crack, crack , crack in my right ankle and my big toe that had been atrophied went down in proper place, and I was also able to remove my leg brace.

Thank you, Jesus! Ps Peter also counselled me, now that I was free, to take authority over the demons behind my sons autism and command them to leave him in Jesus Name, so I also prayed over my son that has autism, epilepsy and has a severe language delay. He was then able to respond to me more than he had previously and spoke 10 short sentences in one day when before that he would only say one - or two words all day long, this is a significant improvement for him and now I have faith for his continued healing and improvement. My son has made a commitment to Jesus as His Saviour.

Several months after the previous part of the testimony I received the following report from Dawn.

"I have some very good news! My son, Levi just went to see the neurologist. Guess what? Levi’s EEG shows no signs of epilepsy! The doctor said Levi’s EEG was normal. Levi is talking a little bit more. ---- , staff members at school have been telling us that Levi is responding more and he is able to answer questions at times. Last week, Levi’s speech therapist text me and said he is making progress in his speech sessions and is understanding more."

Thank you, Jesus for these healings and thank you Pastor Peter for helping us. God bless your ministry.